• Owner’s Obligation

To maintain warranty coverage, the owner must perform the owner’s obligations, operate and maintain the product as outlined in the Owner’s Manual. Service inspections, adjustments, and replacements in accordance with the time and mileage intervals and other recommendations given in the maintenance schedule are obligatory.

The owner is responsible for paying all maintenance costs, including scheduled periodic service costs, parts and labor. Keep receipts and all other records showing that proper maintenance and service has been performed, as failure to provide proofs of such maintenance and services may render the warranty non-applicable.


  • Loss of use

Subject to the exclusions hereinafter listed, the repair or replacement during regular business hours, at an authorized Campagna Motors Dealer located within the continental United States of America or Canada, of defective parts of Campagna Motors, accessories or components, including labor pertaining thereto, within a reasonable delay considering availability of parts, accessories and components needed for such repair or replacement, shall constitute the purchaser’s sole remedy and sole liability of Campagna Motors. Campagna Motors, at its sole discretion, choose to repair or replace defective parts, accessories or components, and can use for that purpose new, used, re-tooled or reconditioned parts, accessories or components. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, but the owner may have other rights which may vary from state to state.

Use or transfer of the vehicle outside the continental United States of America or Canada will render the warranty non applicable.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Campagna Motors shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever, including but not limited to, special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages, including for, loss of profits or income, inconvenience, loss of time or use of the product, expenses for returning the product to and from an authorized Campagna Motors dealer, personal injury, death or damages to property. Because some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability.


  • Exclusions – Items not covered under warranty

The vehicle limited warranty does not cover or apply in the following cases:

1. Failures, breakdowns or malfunctions which are not due to a defective vehicle original part, accessory or component, whether in factory, material, or workmanship.

2. If the vehicle is used for rental purposes, commercially or in any other way than for personal, individual use.

3. If the vehicle has been engaged in racing or competition, sustained wide-open throttle operation or over-revving of the engine, or is driven for purposes other than its original intended use by Campagna Motors.

4. If proofs cannot be provided by the owner of reasonable and proper maintenance and services on the vehicle ,including but not limited to scheduled periodic services.

5. If the vehicle has been used to tow a trailer of any other type of vehicle or charge.

6. If the vehicle has been used off paved roads as it has not been designed nor is safe for such a use.

7. Repair or replacement required as a result of:

(i) Accident or collision; fire, theft, vandalism, illegal possession or use of the vehicle

(ii) Misuse, abuse or neglect;

(iii) Lack of reasonable and proper maintenance and services, including but not limited to
scheduled periodic services;
(iv) Repairs improperly performed or replacement parts, accessories or components improperly
installed, even by an authorized CAMPAGNA® dealer;
(v) Use of replacement parts, accessories or components not conforming to vehicle specifications
which may adversely affect performance and/or durability;
(vi) Alterations or modifications to the vehicle, parts, accessories or components not recommended
or approved in writing by Campagna Motors;
(vii) Wear and deterioration (including loss of engine compression) occasioned by the use
of the product.

8. Regular and scheduled periodic maintenance service, adjustments or replacement of expendable maintenance items as outlined in the Owner’s manual, but not limited to: tires, filters, spark plugs, brake shoes/pads, hydraulic brake hoses. Regular maintenance also includes adjustments necessary due to environmental conditions such as barometric pressure,
temperature and humidity.

9. Damage resulting from use of non-recommended gasoline, lubricant and coolant or lack thereof.

10. Tires, cables, chains, sprockets, shock absorbers/ suspension springs, batteries, bulbs, accessories, cosmetic appearance, gel coat stress cracks, fibreglass bodywork, striping and paint.

11. Damage resulting from sand, sun, water, rust, corrosion, chemical fumes or residues, abrasive products or surfaces, rocks or other projectiles or impacts with the vehicle.

12. Deterioration from the elements or act of God or cases of major force such as, but not limited to, hail, storm, hurricane, flood, lightning, earthquake, radioactivity, war, insurrection, terrorism, or similar events.

13. If the odometer of the vehicle has been tampered with, modified or if it is no longer possible to assert the accuracy of the odometer.

14. Damages resulting from delays incurred as a result of the non-availability of certain parts, accessories or components.

15. Repairs and replacements, otherwise covered, once the warranty period (time and or mileage, the first of the two attained) has expired.

  • Coverage Period

Warranty term (from the date of initial retail purchase from the Campagna Motors authorized dealer or mileage, whichever comes first)s.

MILEAGE (MI) : 12,000
MILEAGE (KM) : 20,000

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